MNM is well aware that much of our business is generated by the needs of local communities. We strongly believe that we have a responsibility to recognise this and do what we can to improve the lives of the people in the communities we serve. We can do this by providing opportunities for residents to gain skills and experience and by improving local environments.
We can also contribute by assisting the initiatives of our partners and stakeholders who are also working to improve local lives.



Providing resources

MNM is keen to support our client’s events to provide training and /or engagement with customers. We provide our trade skills free of charge to assist with set up facilities. We regularly support fun days and other landlord / resident engagement events with facilities, catering, prizes to enable better understanding of each other.

We also sponsor specific initiatives by staff, running, swimming, cycling to encourage their efforts.

Enhancing employability

MNM offers apprenticeships and work experience to residents within the communities we serve. We appreciate that our work load and success comes from residents needing our services. We want to ensure we contribute to the local communities by offering opportunities to improve skills.
We have also delivered work experience and training to over 400 residents to develop their skills, improve their confidence and increase their employability. We provide both local low level building skills / DIY training and office skills training to enhance resident abilities.


Developing skills

We know we are only as good as our staff and it is important to develop our staff by offering apprenticeships and training. We ensure that staff have opportunities to develop existing skills through training to advance skill levels and also to add supplementary skills that both make their jobs more interesting, enable them to provide better services to our customers and make them even more valuable to us as they become more productive and more skilled.
Half of MNM’s Management Team have come through the company through gaining skills and experience whilst working with us. By growing our own staff, we can generate loyalty, high performing highly skilled individuals to enhance the skills we can offer our customers.

Dynamic work place

MNM is a family run firm and maintains this sense of belonging for staff even as it expands with its success. There is a strong sense of commitment and mutual support among the staff, built through the social activities that they organise. These develop team spirit and enable us to contribute to and participate in our clients' fund raising events.
We are a lively, enthusiastic team who work hard to meet our client's expectations. Staff have the opportunity to develop their skills and half of our managers previously operated at a junior level within the company.
"I love working at MNM its friendly environment has helped me fit in and I enjoy being part of a multi cultural and very diverse team who love getting things done."


We support the following charitable organisations by sponsoring events such as receptions, launches, receptions, golf days

Inside MNM


Only a few faces are seen for the work deliver but there are many more people who deserve recognition.


MNM is always looking for rising stars in a variety of role from our site staff to our administration team! We are currently recruiting: – Multi traders – Supervisors – Administrators MNM offers opportunities to grow within the company with development and in-house training. Please send your CV to if you wish to apply or if you want to find out more about one of our vacancies.



MNM Property Services was set up in 1992, originally as a Partnership, by Nick Panteli and Michael O’Sullivan, both of whom were experienced plumbers who believe in their capacity to deliver greater value for money than other contractors.


Commenced work for Pathmeads Housing Association (now Genesis) supporting them in delivering a temporary housing function through our repairs and voids services. 


Moved from our original operating base in Chamberlayne Road, to our new Head Office in Cygnus Business Centre, NW10.


Secured two contracts with Look Ahead Care and Support (responsive repairs and voids – £1.2M per annum) and Wandsworth Council (voids – £2M per annum).


A new office and stores are opened in South West London, Secured a new contract with Orchard & Shipman.


Completed the purchase and refurbishment of the adjacent property to our Head Office in NW10, to provide extended office space, training facilities, meeting rooms and extended supply centre.


Secured a new long term responsive repairs contract with Ealing Council (£1.5M per annum). Featuring a successful integration of both our IT systems.


Successfully re-tendered for both Lookahead and Wandsworth contracts, Adding the responsive repairs contract with Wandsworth to the existing void contract.


Secured two responsive repairs contracts with Enfield Council (£3M per annum) and Tower Hamlets Community Homes (£0.55M per annum)


Secured a new contract with Family Mosaic (£0.9M per annum)

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MNM is keen to limit its impact on the environment as this will also benefit local and wider communities. We are conscious that delivering building services generates waste, involves numerous vehicles and mileage and can adversely impact on residents and neighbours who are not benefitting from the works.

Our operatives are trained to separate waste materials to support recycling and we operate recycling facilities at our depots. We closely monitor our fleet to ensure vehicles operate efficiently. We source resources locally where possible and economically viable. Our activities can be noisy and disruptive. We mitigate this as far as practicable and ensure we are a considerate contractor to limit any adverse local impact. The impact of delivering work can be negative and MNM wants to ensure through its community initiatives we have an overall positive impact for communities.


Driven by a passion and commitment to deliver high quality services to our clients and their customers. MNM operates as an SME & BME Service Provider, employing a diverse workforce that fully represents the communities in which we operate.

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